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Providing Custom Orthotics And Relief Of Lower Extremity Discomfort

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We are Ortho Health

Proudly serving Barrie, Angus, Innisfil, Orillia, Wasaga Beach, Midland, and Muskoka since 2003!

Established in 2003, Ortho Health is a professional store specializing in Orthopeadic bracing, orthotics and compression socks. Our highly skilled Athletic Therapists and Pedorthist have the training and experience to answer your questions and ensure that you get the right products and the correct fit.

Ortho Health proudly has over 400 pairs of compression socks and stockings in stock, the most of any store in Simcoe County.

Ortho Health caters to all ages and fit Orthopaedic braces for Orthopaedic conditions such as: knee osteoarthritis, knee ligament sprains (MCL, ACL, PCL, LCL), strains, tendonitis (jumpers knee), patella femoral syndrome and fractures, Osgood-Schlatter’s, ankle sprains, strains, tendonitis and fractures, shoulder sprains, strains, dislocations and fractures, elbow strains, sprains, ulnar neuropathy, tendonitis (golfers elbow, tennis elbow) wrist sprains, strains, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, and fractures.

Well crafted orthotics (custom made orthotics and off the shelf orthotics) can be an effective treatment tool to help combat common foot conditions such as: plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, stress fractures, seasomoiditis, hallux valgus / bunions, hallux rigidus / limitus, adult acquired flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, pes planus, ankle, foot and 1st metatarsal phalangeal joint osteoarthritis.

Ortho Health is conveniently located next to Royal Victoria Hospital. We look forward to seeing you for your Orthopeadic bracing, orthotics and compression sock and garment needs.