Ortho Health needed a website redesign and more attention paid to their search engine optimization (SEO). The new website needed to be mobile friendly, easy to navigate, and have proper SEO to achieve higher search result standings and greater traffic. Gooder Marketing was able to achieve all of these goals with Ortho Health’s new web site design.

The website was designed using WordPress, an easy to use CRM that the client can update themself, saving time and money in the future. The website is now mobile responsive, so any device will have a great user experience when they visit the site. More importantly, the mobile friendly design in conjunction with the new thorough SEO on every page, is achieving Ortho Health first page Google search result standings.

Individual service pages have been created for two reasons: for visitors to be able to navigate the site easily and get the information they need quickly and effortlessly; And to maximize their search engine optimization, so that each individual service is able to gain search engine standing. By optimizing each services keywords, each page has now been able to rank competitively within the Barrie, Ontario area in all major search engines.

The new webdesign has given Ortho Health and clean and simple look that instills trust and confidence in visitors. The ability to find the information they need efficiently has greatly reduced bounce rates and has raised Ortho Health’s profile as a trusted orthotics provider in the Barrie, Ontario region.