These are recommended rehabilitation aids for daily use and are not mandatory.

Drop-ins are welcome; however, to minimize wait time, please consider booking an appointment for these items. Please pick up at Ortho Health prior to your pre-op hip class at RVH.

1. Compression Socks 20-30 mmHg – Please note: due to hygienic reasons, these socks cannot be refunded.

Gradient compression stockings are to be worn during the day to help blood in your veins flow in the right direction – back towards your heart. They are used to help control edema and prevent blood clots after surgery. They are fitted prior to surgery and brought to the hospital. It is recommended to have someone accompany you to the store fitting that is willing to aid in the application and removal of the socks both at the hospital and at home.

2. Stocking Donner Aids

Following a hip replacement, it is recommended to avoid forward bending at the waist greater than 90 degrees. Aids available if the individual helping in the application of the socks is having difficulty.

3. Aquacel AG Surgical Dressing (30 cm)

Is a soft, comfortable waterproof antimicrobial dressing that flexes with the skin during body movement. It is safe for showering and decreases the chance of infection. The initial dressing will be provided by RVH. It is recommended to purchase an additional dressing at OrthoHealth to be used before staple removal if the dressing provided by RVH becomes saturated or after staple removal for showering.