Compression Socks and Stockings are designed in different compression grades and come in various different styles to suit your needs.

Compression Strength

Medical Grade 20 mmHg to 30 mmHg and 30 mmHg to 40 mmHg

Compression stockings of 20 mmHg or higher need to be prescribed by a physician.  They are used for the treatment of various medical conditions, and should be used under the supervision of a doctor.   The prescription for them needs to be renewed on an annual basis.

Non-Medical Grade 8 mmHg to 15 mmHg and 15 mmHg to 20 mmHg

Compression grades of 20 mmHg or less are considered non-medical, and are used more for general comfort and support for those without underlying conditions.  They are ideal for tired, achy legs or for use during travel. A prescription is not required to purchase them.

Compression Sock Styles

Knee High Compression Socks – Are available in many styles and thickness, they range from a thick cushion cotton sock to thin ultra sheer pantyhose material.  They are available in many colours in open and closed toe styles.

Thigh High Compression Garments – are used when full leg compression is required on 1 or both legs.  They are also available in open and closed toe, in different fabric options and many colours to choose from.  Silicone bands are used to minimize slippage.

Pantyhose / Maternity Garments – are the product of choice for clients when full leg support is required bilaterally.