Proper use and care of compression socks and stockings will increase their lifespan. Use the following tips to help you get the most out of your compression socks:

Washing Instructions

– Daily washing is preferred, but wash at least every 2 days
– Use standard mild detergents without any additives. Dish soap works well
– Never use softener or bleach
– Hand washing is best. If machine is used, it must be on gentle cycle

Drying Instructions

– After washing, put stockings on a fluffy towel and roll gently to remove excess water
– Loosely hang to dry or lay over vent
– Never put in dryer or microwave

Putting on your stockings

– Rubber gloves should be worn when putting on the socks or stockings
– When donning the socks, use the “heel pocket out” method
– Use gloves to smooth out wrinkles and to evenly distribute the compression
– For knee-highs, leave two finger widths between the knee and top of socks