What to Bring…

  • Bring 2-3 pairs of shoes – ones that you wear most often
  • Pants that can be rolled up above knees or shorts
  • Any of your old orthotics good or bad

What to Expect…

  • Biomechanical evaluation performed by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist
  • Medical history
  • Examination – orthopaedic evaluation of the lower extremity, including posture alignment, range of motion, strength and testing for abnormalities
  • Gait Analysis


If the client and pedorthist agree that orthotics are appropriate, a cast of the foot will be taken to create a 3 dimensional positive image of the foot using either the foam box or plaster slipper casting techniques.

Manufacturing Process

A plaster positive will be created from negative cast of the client's foot

The plaster will be prepared as per the pedorthists instructions

Material will be heated and vacuum formed over the plaster positive using a vacuum press to form the shell. The shell will be trimmed and finished using a grinder.

Posting and additions will be added to the shell to meet to the pedorthist's treatment requirements. Top cover material will be added and trimmed appropriately to fit the client's footwear.

Normal turnaround 3-4 weeks


  • Ensure orthotics fit into the footwear
  • In-store trial
  • Clients usually find orthoses feel “weird or different”
  • Pedorthist will review break-in period
  • Adjustments can be performed on site if necessary