Orthotic footwear

Shoe Shopping Checklist

(download our printable guide)

1. Remove Footbed/Insole and stand on it

  • Ensure that the footbed matches the shape of your foot
  • Watch that your foot does not hang over the edges at any point

2. Replace the footbed and put shoes back on to check fit


  • Check that there is a baby finger’s width from the front end of the shoe to the longest toe on each foot


  • Should feel comfortable
  • If proper width, you should be able to pinch a very small amount of material above the toes


  • The collar should be below the malleoli (bumps on either side of ankle)
  • There should be a snug fit at the collar with no gapping

3. With shoes on, go for a walk around the store

  • Ensure that your heel does not slip when walking in the shoe
  • If the midsole is flexible, it should bend at the ball of your foot when walking
  • The shoes should feel comfortable in the store