A custom brace is made to specifically fit your body shape and size. It is worn to strengthen the knee.

When an individual has sustained a knee injury, the aim of using a knee brace is to help a person come back to the previous condition before the injury was sustained. The lightweight frame supports the knee joint and the straps help to secure the brace. The knee brace provides adequate support to help the knee and ligaments.

Custom knee braces are also prescribed by orthopaedic surgeons for use either before or after knee surgery. The use of the custom knee brace will be short-term for some, and long-term for others.

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is one of the main stabilizing ligaments of the knee. It helps prevent excessive forward movement of the knee and rotation of the shin bone on the thigh bone.

ACL injuries will often cause the knee to feel unstable and may cause buckling during pivoting movements. An ACL brace will help increase knee stability, allows the knee to rest and will assist in maintaining extension of the leg.

ACL braces have a light-weight frame and hinges at the knee joint. Straps help secure the brace to the knee. This type of construction allows the knee to bend and straighten while providing rotational support to the knee. ACL braces may be recommended after ACL reconstructive surgery to reduce the stress on the ACL graft.

Medial OA (Osteoarthritis) is the degeneration of the medial articular cartilage and/or medial meniscus of the knee. A person with medial OA typically presents in a valgus (bow-legged) weight bearing position.

Lateral OA (Osteoarthritis) is the degeneration of the lateral articular cartilage and/or lateral meniscus of the knee. This client typically presents with a valgus (knock kneed) weight bearing position.

For those with either Medial OA or Lateral OA, an Unloader Knee Brace is used to improve the stability and function of the knee. The Unloader Brace shifts the load away from the arthritic portion of the knee. Studies show use of this brace helps decrease pain during weight bearing activities and improves the ability to walk longer distances.