Whether you have a prescription from your doctor or are looking into options on your own, Ortho Health™ is here to help. We carry a wide range of ready-made braces to assist with recovery from injury or surgery and to provide relief for chronic conditions. Our certified athletic therapists are trained to ensure you get the correct fit and will provide guidance in the use and care of the brace.

Our in-store brace selection includes products to assist with:

  • knee problems
  • wrist support
  • ankle support
  • elbow injury
  • shoulder recovery
  • knuckle injury
  • foot conditions
  • light back support
  • pregnancy support

Ortho Health™ also has an in-store selection of supporting products such as:

  • ice compression wraps
  • cast covers
  • crutches
  • canes
  • slings
  • lumbar supports
  • ice packs
  • hand exercise balls

We invite you to drop by our store to view our full selection.